To the Writers of "Young Sheldon"

Young Sheldon, CBS spin-off of The Big Bang Theory premiering this Fall, is off to a faux pas start.

A promo features nine-year-old Sheldon Cooper getting ready to start high school and at home with his family: Mom, Dad, older brother, and his twin sister.

He is shown as a snotty, arrogant, obnoxious kid - a miniature version of his grown-up counterpart character on the Big Bang, Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons who conceived and is narrates the show.

In the previews for the spinoff prepubescent, pint-sized Sheldon tells his sister who is in a grade appropriate for their age to “enjoy fingerprinting” as if she was in kindergarten. OK, this fits with the vain inappropriate, and mean things Big Bang’s full grown character Sheldon says to his friends, such as his constant put downs of the character Howard Walowitz because he’s and engineer and not a physicist.

But the writers of the spinoff seem to have made a major GOOF!

In the vignette shown in the trailer, young Sheldon’s brother says to their mother: “Admit it. He’s adopted.” This is a logical inquirey considering the pip-squeek’s superior genius which is total misfit with the very ordinary intelligence of the rest of the family.

The boy wonder however replies with a far less logical retort:

“How can I be adopted if I’m a twin? Think, money, think!”

The fact of the matter is that twins are adopted. Even triplets! Some are separated (to earn adoption agencies two fees instead of one, or in the past, to study them like human guinea pigs) and some are placed together.

It is thus totally possible that young Sheldon could be both a twin and be adopted! Unless the writers clarify this ignorant statement made by a whiz kid that they are currently airing, they are the FOOLS, and making the little smart-ass a fool, not his brother!

Tagline: “From the brains behind the Big Bang Theory.” They may know physics, but the do not know adoption!

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