To Those Who We Lost in Orlando: Thank You For Your Courage.

50 people were murdered, 53 seriously injured, and countless more traumatized for life.

50 people killed simply for being who they are.

50 people who were in that club because they had the courage to celebrate who they are. A courage that I could not find until they lost their lives.

I am bisexual. This is the first time I am admitting this to the world and I hate that it took the loss of 50 courageous lives in order for me to acquire the courage to do so.

There are some close to me that have known for a little while now, and to those that have known and kept my secret I thank you and love you, but the time for secrets is over.

I needed to do this so I could openly mourn for my community, especially as a queer latino. I needed to do this as an act of defiance against those like that despicable man in Orlando who think that attacks like these will drive this amazing community underground or force US to live in fear. I needed to do this to honor those who perished who were courageous enough to be themselves.

To those that we lost, you will never be forgotten for the beautiful people you were. And to me you will never be forgotten as the people who gave me the courage to be who I am, embrace who I am, and to love who I am. I will forever love you for your courage, celebrate your lives, and mourn for the loss of your beautiful souls.