To Tweet Or Not to Tweet? Shakespeare Plays Retold, Twitter-Style

Once we (my co-author Kim Askew and I) started yanking Shakespeare's plays into the 21st century for our YA series Twisted Lit, we just couldn't stop. Ooops, here we go again. We're such Shakespeare nerds (#humblebrag), we've gone and summarized the legendary playwright's works into "twitter speak" of 140 characters or less. Brevity is, after all, the soul of wit!

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Henry IV:
#bromance goes sour when 2 friends, Prince Harry and Falstaff, are all #yolo #rkoi #dom until Harry inherits the crown and a conscience.

Taming of the Shrew:
Wanted: Fortune-seeking SWM with #nervesofsteel to woo and wed "temperamental" older sister so younger one can tie the knot.

Murdered ghost dad convinces Morrissey-type to stage play & bust widow mom for hooking up w/uncle. Everyone dies, including #emogirlfriend.

King Lear:
Dad disses daughter for not kissing his a$$. Later regrets it when her way bitchy older sisters do him wrong. He goes #cray, big time.

The Tempest:
Girl finds #truelove on semi-deserted isle after dad effs with shipwrecked foes. Fairy and hairy brute join in the fun!

Whipped by wife, Scottish dude starts killing spree after getting too stoked about psychic reading by 3 witches. #beingkingisoverrated

Romeo and Juliet:
Rebound relationship + family feud + busybody priest + chemically-induced slumber = tragedy. #blameRosaline

Scoundrel talks Moor into believing his wife's a slut. Dude, it was only a handkerchief. Did you have to KILL her? #facepalm.

Banished boyfriend bets on his chick's virginity. Unhappy hijinks ensue, and decapitated corpse adds to confusion until all's sorted out.

A Winter's Tale:
Sure he's not the babydaddy, jerk king condemns queen and rejects infant daughter. FF 20 years and all 3 happily reunite! #schizophrenic

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