To Women Who Call Themselves Ugly: Please Stop!

Smiling women reaching forward
Smiling women reaching forward

As women, we're always critiquing and picking apart our body. We constantly bash ourselves about our appearance. It's easy to convince ourselves that we're ugly. And here's the ugly truth: We actually listen.

The other day, I read this status made from someone on my Facebook, "I might be ugly, but at least I ain't stupid cause ugly can be fixed and your stupidity can't." And, it absolutely disgusted me. As women, why do we need to call ourselves ugly? Why is it necessary to put ourselves down? Everyone is attractive in their own way. Your personality might be cute as a button and that's why so many people like you. Or, you may always make a negative into a positive, and that makes you beautiful. We need to stop labeling ourselves as "unworthy," "ugly" or "stupid."

So what if you don't wear a size 0 or have a rather large nose, that doesn't mean you're unworthy of love. Everyone deserves to be loved and to be happy. We need to start telling each other we're beautiful. And, we must start believing and having confidence in ourselves.

In the past, only tall and thin-framed girls could be models. But, now, you see plus-size models are just as successful and still beautiful. So, whoever tells you you must be skinny to be attractive should go to hell! Feel comfortable in your own skin and feel proud of who you are.

Therefore, stop telling yourself you're hideous when you look at yourself in the mirror. Write five positive aspects of yourself on sticky notes and post them on your bathroom mirror. Then, repeat them to yourself every single day. Don't ever put yourself down. You are your worst enemy and nothing will change if you don't alter the way you show yourself.