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June O'Brien, 'Today' Show Guest, Says Her Toaster Is Possessed By The Devil In 1984 Clip (VIDEO)

This video may not be new, but it's being touted as the "greatest interview in television history."

The clip -- which was rediscovered by viral video-seeking Internet users over the weekend (see: Fark) -- captures a priceless "Today" show interview from 1984, in which a woman introduces the world to her haunted toaster.

Talking to TV personality Richard Dominick, June O'Brien explains that her toaster talks to her in an evil voice -- one that she claims sounds a lot like Eli Wallach of "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly." O'Brien adds that the possessed appliance shoots fire and spits out bread stamped with the words "SATAN LIVES."

Referring to the devilish clip, Gawker writes:

If you've been sitting around for the past 27 years waiting to witness the greatest moment in television history, I've got some bad news: You missed it.

Thankfully for us, the video was uploaded on YouTube in 2009, immortalizing the evil toaster's story for posterity.

Since its resurgence on the InterWebs, the clip has garnered plenty of attention -- and laughs.

"I'm sick and I almost died from cough-laughing hysterically at this. I had to stop the video so I could catch my breath and not pass out. So good, but so painful. That's Satan for you," one Gawker reader wrote on Monday.

However, while a haunted toaster may seem outlandish to many, some people think it's possible for humans to be possessed by demons.

According to recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling (and cited in an earlier HuffPost report), 68 percent of Republican voters and 49 percent of Democrats think it's possible to be possessed by demons.

In a related story this week, a sacred sighting in Malaysia is creating quite a stir. Hundreds of Catholics are said to have "flocked to a hospital in [Selangor] after a cleaner reportedly came upon an image of the Virgin Mary that he could not wipe away."

Update Nov. 13, 4.00p.m.: In an email to The Huffington Post Tuesday, Erica Matson of Peacock Productions said that the "full" video featuring O'Brien and others has been posted online. "Here is the full story about the woman with the possessed toaster, it was part of a longer segment about tabloid headlines and the...people who they are about. There is a story about a woman having sex with aliens and a man who was “rescued” from a lake by his howdy doody doll," wrote Matson.

Watch the full video here:


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