This High-Tech Toaster Prints The Weather Report On Bread

It will also send secret messages to your breakfast-eating friends.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good toast artist. But this seems excessive.

Meet Toasteroid, the Bluetooth-connected smart toaster that can print original designs, emojis, and text on your slice of toast. It can even print the daily weather forecast, for those of you who feel that weather apps have made knowing today’s temperature a little too easy.

Toasteroid connects to a companion app on your phone that allows you to draw artwork and set your preferred browning level. You can also send secret messages to your friends and family that are only readable on the toast. If they select your clandestine missive for printing, they’ll receive your communiqué on their breakfast.

We await the day this toaster becomes sentient and begins writing messages of its own. Did mankind learn nothing from “Smart House?”

Toasteroid is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. If the creators reach their $150,000 goal, they’ll begin mass production in May 2017 and ship Toasteroids to backers in July 2017. For a pledge of $65, you can order the compact Toasteroid Mini, which only prints images on one slice of bread. For a pledge of $85, you get the full-sized Toasteroid, which can toast and print artwork on two slices at a time.

Or, you can buy a regular toaster and live the rest of your life not knowing what it’s like to read the weather report on bread. The choice is yours.