Toasting a Very Optimistic 2009!

It actually is getting better all the just sometimes does not look like it. Imagine that the U.S. is now on a true detox diet, and all the poisons are coming to the surface and need to be flushed out of the system. The bubble of fat and wastefulness has burst and we are going to become healthy and whole again.

People are staring to pay attention to those who make sense and are truly making this world a better place. The Huffington Post is highlighting those who bring Peace and true prosperity, such as Nobel Peace Prize winner and the father of microcredit, Muhammad Yunus.

In his recent book (out in paperback this January), Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism, Professor Yunus describes what is called a Social Stock market where Social Businesses can list themselves and where the goals are not simply monetary profits but social goals which improve the lives of people.

Just imagine if the Bernie Madoffs of the world and his investors had invested in Social Businesses instead of Pyramid Schemes... we would have: no more hunger, universal health coverage, declining child and mother mortality rates, improved education, green economies, wow...the world might actually look like a place to raise our children.

And it will look that way one day...this is not Utopian dream, it is an urgent necessity. We must evolve...there is no turning back. And the events of these past months are showing us what to avoid in the future and how our actions and votes can make a difference.

As the poet Rilke wrote,
"There is no place which does not see you.
You must change your life."

And by starting with changing ourselves, we will all come together to make this world a better place.

Happy New Year to All and Wishing Peace To All Humans Everywhere!