The ToastyMUG Is Like A Ceramic Scarf For Your Hands... Or Something (PHOTO)

Yeah, sure. Doesn't look cumbersome at all.

Imagine that you're holed up in a romantic cabin near a lake. There's snow falling gently outside, a fire roaring, you've just made yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and are settling into the big chair near the fire to read a book, look out the window and enjoy the quiet. Now tell us, how are you holding that coffee mug? Cradling it with both hands? We thought so.

Designer Sabrina Fossi knew what you guys were imagining too, which is why she created the ToastyMUG, which is a mug with a built in scarf/handle/Bib Fortuna head tentacle that keeps your hands cozy warm as you clutch your mug of coffee or tea.


Does this mug keep your hands any warmer than just cupping your mug with both hands as you normally would? We're not quite sure, but you can find out for €44.00 (about $60.00) on Sabrina Fossi's website.

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