Toby Keith Is Joining Trump In Saudi Arabia For A Men-Only Concert

Yes, that Toby Keith.

Toby Keith is headed to the Middle East to join President Donald Trump on his trip to Saudi Arabia.

The country singer will perform at a free, men-only concert Saturday in the capital city of Riyadh alongside Saudi singer Rabeh Saqer, The Associated Press reported.

Some on Twitter were a bit perplexed by the selection of an musician known for songs like “I Love This Bar,” “Drunk Americans” and “I Like Girls That Drink Beer.” In Saudi Arabia, alcohol is banned and unrelated men and women are kept separate in public, in accordance with strict Islamic law.

Keith performed at Trump’s inauguration back in January and has said that he is always proud to do such a gig, regardless of who is in office.

“It’s more of a duty to me, and a true honor to perform for your country,” he told CNN in April. “Whether I agree or disagree — we’ve never had a leader in this country that I agreed with across the board on everything they do — because I hate politics. Everybody wants their side to get what they want. It seems like we get divided more and more all the time.”

Trump will arrive in Saudi Arabia on Friday, marking his first trip overseas since taking office, for the “Arab Islamic American Summit” with leaders from multiple Muslim countries to discuss relations in the post-Obama era.

A representative for Keith had no comment on the performance at this time.

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