Willie Nelson Lights Up Toby Keith's New Marijuana Ditty 'Wacky Tobaccy'

Keith favors legalizing pot, saying, "If you drink liquor, you ought to be able to smoke weed.”

Toby Keith knows you can’t do a country song about cannabis without having Willie Nelson involved in some capacity.

On Thursday, the country superstar released “Wacky Tobaccy,” a ditty about the joys of smoking marijuana ― the real stuff the lyrics emphasize, not the synthetic kind.

Although Keith has collaborated with Nelson before, the Red-Headed Stranger only appears on camera this time.

“Willie Nelson’s in the video. He didn’t sing on it, but he’s in the video,” Keith told News OK, adding that he favors legalizing pot because “if you drink liquor you ought to be able to smoke weed.”

No word on whether Keith mentioned this to Donald Trump when they visited Saudi Arabia together back in May.

The complete clip can be seen below, including a few scenes of Nelson blowing smoke ― a lot of smoke ― into Keith’s face.

Not everyone is high on the song.

Lorie Liebig, a columnist for Wide Open Country, thinks the song is Keith’s “lame attempt to stay relevant.

What could have been a fun and fresh collaboration with Willie Nelson just seems like a cheap way of keeping people interested,” she wrote. “Watching him stroll out of the bathroom with a blunt in hand feels like they are using him for a laugh instead of his talents.”



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