'Toby McBeard' Brings Sexy to Kids-Focused Media

Beards are now so cool, even kids are sporting them, or apparently that's what the minds at Coolfire Studios and DreamWorksTV would like us to think. The media and film companies just unveiled the new animated short-form comedy series, Toby McBeard, which is streaming at DreamWorksTV's YouTube Channel.

Toby is like any other second grader, just with an epic magical beard that can slam dunk basketballs as well as bullies. And much like the American Mustache Institute has taught the world since 1965 through the power of laser cocksmanship and rugged good looks, along the way Toby learns to harness the power of his self-aware facial hair because, after all, when your beard is your best friend, things can get a little hairy.

"We're supportive, of course," said American Mustache Institute chief executive Dr. Adam Causgrove. "Even children can adopt a sexually dynamic Mustached American lifestyle and this is a step in the right direction."

Indeed, any form of facial hair invading the space of the children's media universe is a step forward against the scorn that has traditionally targeted people of Mustached American descent since the 1940s.

"Our people owe a hearty fistbump to the folks at Coolfire and Dreamworks," added Dr. Causgrove.