'Today' Makes Priceless Donald Trump Correction

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Donald Trump was not happy about the architecture critic who recently blasted his new "Trump" sign in Chicago, and he's not going to like this either.

The Chicago Tribune's Blair Kamin wrote last week about Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's dislike of the sign, and said that the city needs to discourage "Trump-style incursions [from defiling] what promises to be a great public space."

Trump addressed the criticism on the "Today" show last week, and blamed the controversy on Kamin.

“This was started by a third-rate architecture critic from the Chicago Tribune who I thought got fired," Trump said. "He was gone for a long period of time.”

That was never the case, Natalie Morales told viewers on Monday.

"Well, in fact that critic –- Pulitzer Prize-winner Blair Kamin –- has been with the Chicago Tribune for more than 20 years and also spent the 2013 academic year as a Nieman Fellow at Harvard," she said.

Kamin told Jim Romenesko that he even told Trump before the "Today" segment that he had never been fired from the Tribune.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misspelled the first name of architecture critic Blair Kamin.