Today I Let Go, Tomorrow I Fly

As I sit here thinking about what I want to write, I realize the most prevalent thing on my mind is the feeling and action of letting go. Once I sat down and thought about it, I realized its something we do on a daily basis without even understanding what is happening. I also was overwhelmed with how much strength God gives each and every one of us, and how proud we all should be of the person we are today. Simply because letting go can cause us all to lose our breath, but in that moment of feeling breathless, you are being prepared for this insanely outrageous ride that will cause countless lives to catch their own breath once again.

I think the biggest problem in letting go for many others and myself is as someone once said to me: the fact that we care too much for others, and care to little for ourselves. Caring so much for others is one of the greatest, yet, worst gifts in the world. Sometimes, when you get caught up in wanting the best for others in your life, you forget what's best for you. I'm here to remind you, that wanting what's best for you when it comes to happiness and health should always be first. So let go of these people holding you back and be the goof, the weirdo, the one who laughs too much, the one who smiles too much, the one who talks too much, the one who takes a chance on themselves, well heck be who ever you want to be, cause God gave you those insanely rad attributes for a reason and he wants more than one set of eyes to see your greatness.

That's why we all must learn to let go of the bad grades, the bad days, the bad haircuts, the bad weather, and most importantly the lost friends, and the lost loved ones. We all have a time in our life where some of the things we are called to let go of are harder than others, and that's okay, because that's apart of life. Personally, this year has been one of the hardest lessons of letting go that I could have possibly imagined. As a freshman in college and quite frankly at any point in your life, you are bound to lose past friends and past loved ones.

I think it's so important to learn that it's okay to lose these people.

In our journey, we are called to change and evolve and become the best us. So I ask you, how could we ever evolve and become different and unique and ultimately impact the world if we only received one set of friends, love, and heartbreak in our entire life? I think we couldn't. Therefore, I feel like there is such true hidden beauty in every situation that has pushed you to let go of someone or something.

Most times when we come to a place in our life when it is time to let go of people that have been walking with you on your journey, we force them to stay causing the great memories and love for that person to be lost in the jumble of broken hearts and desperate actions. When we are asked to let go, remember, to have courage and look upon this tough time with wide eyes for your future. God is asking you to let these people move on for a reason, whether it's for you, for them, or for both of you.

No matter the reason, you will come out of this hard situation on top. Have courage to take these heart-wrenching moments and find yourself and your next chapter. You have so much to live for and so much to do; God has so much in store for your incredible life it's insane and at times unfathomable. In fact, he's got a whole line of people waiting to be apart of your adventure.

Choose to embrace these new comers, and say farewell to those who have finished their pit stop in your life.

For one second, I ask that you just stop and think about all the people God has blessed you with? All the people who have truly impacted your life for the better? Gosh, those people are one heck of a human, and you've got to let the world see what you see in them. God made you and them this beautiful and unique person; he sculpted you both with his hands, and made each and every one of us a work of art. We are all this original priceless piece, put on this earth to make an impact on so many people around us, so learn to love these people enough, to set them free on their journey to impact the world with their one of kind, original ways.

As I have said before, to the people that you let go, let them be great, let them find themselves, let them grow into the person God has dreamed for them to be. Find peace in this and always let it be enough. If anything, remember that there is nothing wrong with whom you are, it is simply the fact that God calls for many visitors and few residents in your life for such a grand and essential purpose.

Go lose your breath, be the reason so many people breath again, and keep your eyes wide open, because your life is seriously, most definitely, meant to change the world more than you could possibly imagine.