Today I Promise...

As I come upon another birthday that will inevitably advance my age, I feel inspired to share my feelings with those that I am closest to. This is not about me feeling as if I am approaching the end of my life (so we don't need to go there). Rather, this is about me being mindful. I feel cognizant to what my life is truly about and how I feel as a woman.

I love my life and am blessed in infinite ways. I am lucky too but have certainly had my share of trying times. I am loved and I love deeply. My next birthday is around the corner and I am truly grateful. There is no specific reason for me to be writing these promises yet I cannot help but put them on paper. 2015-07-22-1437589753-1465830-lovecoupleshdwallpapersfreedownload598x397.jpg
Today I promise...
My love,
- To be your truest friend and your support system.
- To lean on you and always be there for you to lean on me.
- To ride all of the waves that life throws our way as gracefully as possible.
- To be understanding and available.
- To be faithful in all ways.
- To love you unconditionally.

My Mother,
- To try my best to be as good a Mom as you have been.
- To be a positive and loving person.
- To love truly and as purely as you do.
- To openly hear your advice and listen to you.
- To remember how much I love and need you.

My Father,
- To be as good a role model as you had been for me.
- To recognize how important it is not to be vain.
- To teach life lessons to my children as you did yours.
- To understand loyalty and to be loyal.
- To always save for a rainy day but to remember to enjoy life.
- To love freely and as deeply as you did.
My Son,
- To help guide you to be the best person you can be.
- To remind you that sometimes girls can play head games.
- To encourage you to focus on your goals have a real drive to succeed.
- To be true to yourself.
- To lead a life you can proud of.
- To believe in yourself.

My Daughter,
- To guide you to pick your friends and boyfriends carefully.
- To understand what a true healthy body image is.
- To encourage you to be true to yourself and your feelings.
- To teach you about love and respect in a relationship.
- To be accountable for your actions and for your words.
- To be honest and patient.
- To know what is really important in life and how to reach for that.

My Sisters,
- To be an authentic friend and confidant.
- To always be there for you whether it be to laugh with you (or at you) or to cry with you.
- To not be judgmental of your choices.
- To help you should you want guidance.
- To be grateful for you.

My Girlfriends,
- To be loyal.
- To keep all of your secrets.
- To be a shoulder to lean on in times of need.
- To always have a bottle of wine and some chocolate at your disposal.
- To value our friendship and not take it for granted.
- To love you like a sister.
Yes, I am clearly feeling sentimental and that's all right. I am just being my authentic self. I am being open and emotionally available. I am touching those feelings that are typically bottled up and hidden by everyday monotony.

I live my life with no regrets. No "what if's" or "I wish I had's." These are the promises that I feel warrant acknowledgment. These are the statements I have thought about saying aloud to my people but have not. Perhaps I was feeling shy. Perhaps I was feeling hesitant to share for whatever reason. Perhaps the timing was always off. No longer. I want to be a good example to my children. Here I have poured it out and, although unashamedly exposed, it's all good. Happy birthday to me.