Today Is the Day of the Child's Story

Today IS the day. Because today might have been the day one of those beautiful children lost another tooth, or learned to whistle, or sang a new song, or read for the first time, or made an art project, or wrote a story.

Today is the day one of those teachers might have started a new read aloud, or taught a fun numbers fact, or gave a hug, or today might have been the day the principal would have inspired her teachers at a meeting, or stopped by to see her students learning, or supported a family.

Today is the day those mothers and fathers would have hugged those children and brushed their silky hair and fed them something warm, and missed them while they were at school, and bent down to hear all their stories when they came home.

Today is the day to weep the endless tears of what our society did not do for our children.

Today IS the day to change the way we tell our American story, and be first, foremost, only and always for the child whose story is yet to be told.