People Are Upset That 'Today' Omitted Matt Lauer From Anniversary Montage

They faced strong disagreement on Twitter about whether the longtime co-host, fired for sexual misconduct, should have been skipped.

A “Today” show anniversary montage shown on Thursday sparked criticism that former host Matt Lauer wasn’t included.

The compilation celebrated the 25 years since the program moved to Rockefeller Center’s Studio 1A in New York. Lauer served as co-host for 20 of those years, until he was fired in November 2017 after multiple claims of sexual misconduct.

Critics of the clip accused “Today” of revisionism, but were met with stern rebuttal by those who say Lauer did not merit mention because of offenses involving numerous former co-workers. Some also expressed shock that there would be any objection to Lauer being skipped in the first place.

Check out some of the responses on Twitter.

H/T Uproxx