'Today' Asks: Is 'Penelope Cruz Too Old For Bond?' (VIDEO)

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The news on Tuesday that the 39-year-old Penelope Cruz might be selected to be the next "Bond girl" was met with article after article stressing that, if chosen, she would be the oldest-ever woman to play such a role.

This approach is rather galling--especially when you consider how ancient some men who play opposite women who could be their daughters are--but many people hailed the news. On "Good Morning America," Robin Roberts crowed, "An age-appropriate Bond girl? Fabulous!"

For some reason, "Today" chose to take a different tack, asking its team of "Professionals" if Cruz was "too old" for the part:

today penelope cruz

The show also tweeted about it:

The "Today" crew all agreed that Cruz was, in fact, not too old to romance the 45-year-old Daniel Craig (and when's the last time you saw anybody questioning his suitability as Bond?) but perhaps they would have been better ignoring the question completely.



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