'Today' Show Crew Meets Their Onion News Network Counterparts (VIDEO)

Life met its satirical counterpart on Thursday when the famed anchors of the Onion News Network's "Today Now!" stopped by to give the crew from the "Today" show some pointers on morning anchor etiquette.

ONN is, of course, a fake network, but that didn't stop the "Today Now!" team from pointing out that the NBC group had a small, depressing studio, or that their job should be to distract people from their "sad, pointless lives." Matt Lauer seemed happy to receive this wisdom, calling it an "honor" to meet his ONN counterparts.

NBC's Natalie Morales also engaged in a "news-off" with ONN's Brooke Alvarez, to see who could deliver news copy in faster, more fluid anchorese. The results, as they say on TV, may surprise you.