'Today' Show Plaza Incident: Man Jumps Over Barricade, Is Subdued By Security (VIDEO)

A man jumped over the barricades at the "Today" show plaza on Tuesday while the show was broadcasting live.

The incident occurred at around 8 AM. Willie Geist, who was filling in for Matt Lauer, was speaking when, all of a sudden, someone started shouting behind him. (Al Roker, also in the plaza, later said he shouted that he was "God's gift to music.") The man then jumped the barricade separating the crowd from the "Today" team. On the video, Meredith Vieira can clearly be heard saying "Jesus!" as the camera cuts away. Ann Curry quickly picked up the broadcast inside the "Today" studio.

After the incident, Vieira, Roker and Geist discussed what had happened.

"We're certainly awake now," Vieira said.