'Today' Show Hosts Will Receive Testicular Exams During Live On-Air Segment

How do you beat an on-air prostate exam? With an on-air testicular exam, of course.

In honor of November being men's health awareness month, NBC personalities Willie Geist and Carson Daly will undergo testicular exams for a live broadcast segment. The stunt, scheduled for the Nov. 20 episode of the "Today" show, ups the ante from a similar show last year, wherein "Today" hosts Matt Lauer and Al Roker received prostate exams on the air.

Geist's wife, Christina, greeted the news with mild amusement, asking her husband on Twitter, "Really honey?" to which he replied, "It was @CarsonDaly's idea."

Daly chimed in to the humorous exchange, "I'll be gentle..."

The ballsy segment will air in addition to the network's regularly scheduled "No-Shave November" initiative, which raises donations for research into prostate and testicular cancer. "In support of these causes," an NBC release reads, "the men of the TODAY show including anchors, hosts, and many producers and crew members, will forego shaving for the entire month."

According to NBC, last year's effort raised more than $100,000 for the causes.