Almost Half Of Adults Say They Don't Get Enough Sleep

Too Many Of Us Still Don't Get Enough Sleep

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Nearly half of American adults say they don't get enough sleep, according to a new survey from the "Today" show.

The show's "Snooze or Lose" survey kicks off a week-long focus on sleep -- and why we're so lacking when it comes to getting those Zzs. Survey participants certainly value sleep: 72 percent said sleep is one of life's greatest pleasures. But 46 percent said they don't sleep enough.

Skimping on sleep may seem like your only option amid work deadlines, taking care of the family and some semblance of a social life. In fact, 64 percent of 18 to 34 year olds, 49 percent of 35 to 54 year olds and 35 percent of people over 55 in the survey said the ability to get by on less sleep would help them fulfill all of their responsibilities. But doing so carries big risks. Not getting enough good-quality shut-eye can up stroke, diabetes and obesity risk, among other health concerns.

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