Today's DACA Announcement Is Why We're No Longer Friends

It's a disconcerting thing to watch dominos topple when you're a domino. First it was the "Bad Hombres", then it was undocumented parents taking their kids to school, now it's the DREAMers. My dad is a naturalized citizen. Logically, he's next. I'm a foreign born citizen, a "Birth Abroad".  When's it my turn? 

Today's DACA announcement is the latest in a series of anti immigrant moves by the administration. From a travel ban to the fear mongering press conference about MS13, this administration isn't disappointing the racist elements that elected it to vilify and terrorize immigrants and refugees. 

This, Jennifer, is what I was referring to when I asked you to stop forwarding pro-trump emails during the election. When you ignored my pleas that out of respect for my family, to condemn the hateful rhetoric about Mexicans and take a long look at why you're supporting him. Remember that? Remember how you ignored me? Now my friends are in danger of deportation. That's why we don't speak anymore. 

The DACA decision to throw into a nightmarish and dangerous limbo nearly a million young people was exactly what I feared, Eric, when I admonished you for supporting this man. You had worked with people who were undocumented. We were all friends. You know their names and their families and you still wore your support of this menace on your sleeve like a badge of hillbilly honor in liberal California. You purposely threw people you know under the bus because it made you feel good. That's why we're not friends. 

When you told me, Sarah, that you had to put up with Obama for 8 years and that I should stop being a snowflake, I knew that this day was a possibility. I knew that the promises and rhetoric of the campaign would inevitably lead to the endangerment of people I actually know. How many of your friends and colleagues were ripped apart from their families? How many of your schoolmates are suddenly in danger of deportation? Your heartless false equivalencies and inability to see the human cost of the policies you supported are why we are not friends. 

This, John, is why I ignored your social media "friend" request. This moment when people I know, care for, and work with are in danger of being expelled from the only country they've ever known is why I cut your swath of blind cruelty from my life. It was a heated moment to be sure, and I'm certain that you still consider it an overreaction, but for those who refuse to see the suffering of others, there needs to be consequences. No matter how small, no matter how trite. 

You do not get to enjoy my friendship or my company when you support an administration that endangers people like me. 

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