Today's Joy Is Brought To You By Kate Winslet Kissing Allison Janney

The two shared a smooch onstage at the Hollywood Film Awards.

Someone cast these two in a road trip movie immediately.

National treasures Kate Winslet and Allison Janney shared a kiss onstage at the Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday night, and we’re honestly all the better for it. 

Winslet got the ball rolling when she accepted the Hollywood Actress Award for her performance in “Wonder Wheel.” During her speech, she naturally expressed her undying love for Janney, who was also honored that evening for her work in the upcoming biopic “I, Tonya.” 

“Allison Janney is in this room,” a very sincere Winslet told the audience.

“Allison, I know I don’t really know you, I just want to be you,” she continued. “I want to stroke you, or something. I mean, we could always kiss, maybe? Maybe?”

As the audience laughed, Janney took her cue and made her way to the stage to take the actress up on her offer. 

“Ah, it’s gonna happen!” Winslet said. “This is an exciting moment, isn’t it!”

That’s when the two shared a quick kiss and hug on stage, fangirling over each other for a brief moment before Winslet got back to the task at hand. 

Watch the moment in all its glory below. 



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