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Today's Social Media Challenge for Younger Generations

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One of the biggest challenges for the younger generations today, in business and trying to make their mark by building their personal brands via social platforms, is that all their screw-ups and "young" mistakes are out in public display for everyone to see.

When I was young, my stupid moves (and there were a bunch, I assure you) were only seen by those few around me, and perhaps the one or two they shared it with. Very quickly a senior colleague, mentor, or parent would jump in and course-correct. Now everyone knows and it's a double-sided game... build your brand and at the same time try to limit the exposure of your "ball drops."

Especially when you are nasty or disrespectful... that spreads fast.

Most often now it seems not only are the mistakes, in the name of personal branding and building their influence, public and there for everyone to see... but also their friends jump in, cheer them on, make them feel validated, and blind them to the valuable feedback of mentors and those with the maturity to guide them properly.

Remember, MORE now than EVER...

Your brand is what you do; your reputation is what people remember AND share!

#RonR... #NoLetUp!👊