Todd Akin's Website Misspells 'You're' Twice, Features Fetus Image

LOOK: Akin Campaign Makes Same Gaffe Twice

In an effort to move beyond his "legitimate rape" comments, U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) launched a new section of his website that asks supporters to sign a petition telling his opponent, Sen. Claire McCaskill, that "You're Standing With Todd Akin."

But when the website was first launched, his campaign made an embarrassing spelling mistake, misspelling "you're" as "your."

Many Twitter users quickly pounced, pointing out the error.

todd akin website your

The campaign swiftly corrected it, but didn't get it quite right, spelling it "your're."

todd akin website yourre

The campaign finally got it right on its third attempt.

todd akin website

Akin's website also originally featured an image of a fetus, which was quickly removed after Twitter users picked up on the image.

todd akin fetus

Although party leaders -- including Mitt Romney -- have called on him to leave the race, Akin says he will continue his bid against McCaskill.

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