Todd Barry And Big Jay Oakerson Discuss The Art Of Crowd Work On 'Too Long; Didn't Listen' Ep. 8

On the eighth episode of Too Long; Didn't Listen, comedians Todd Barry and Big Jay Oakerson discuss their full-length crowd work sets in what plays out as a master class in comedian-audience interaction. In addition to dissecting their vastly different approaches to keeping people laughing without pre-written material, they share stories from the road, insight on how they choose audience members to talk to, and even come up with a potential name for Jay's next special: "Why Do You Hate Me?"

Todd's seven city tour of crowd work shows resulted in his documentary/special, "The Crowd Work Tour," available on Louis C.K.'s website. Jay's new album from Comedy Central Records, "The Crowd Work Sessions: What's Your F@!?#ng Deal?!" features an hour of unwritten material recorded at The Stand in New York City, and is available on iTunes. Also be sure to check out their podcasts, The Todd Barry Podcast and Legion Of Skanks (I'll let you guess whose is whose).

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