Todd Bieber Enlists Gay Comedians To Help Boy Scouts Earn Filmmaking Merit Badges (VIDEOS)

WATCH: Gay Comedians Do Something Amazing For Boy Scouts

Todd Bieber, UCB Comedy's Director of Content and Production, was very troubled by the controversy surrounding the Boy Scouts of America's troubling relationship with LGBT scouts and leaders. On one hand, the ban on gays in the organization was, to Bieber, nothing short of gross bigotry. But on the other hand, Bieber himself was a proud Eagle Scout, having worked his way through the ranks of Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and understanding the profoundly positive effect that BSA can have on young men.

So when he was asked to be the cinematography merit badge adviser for his old Scout troop, he thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce the Scouts to some of his friends, including gay comedy writers and filmmakers who work at the likes of "SNL," "Late Show" and The Onion.

Check out the mini-documentary Bieber made about the experience above, and below, watch the film that the Scouts made, as well as two interviews with gay members of the comedy world.

WATCH: The final movie the Scouts made with the guidance of Bieber.

WATCH: The Scouts interview Chris Kelly, a writer on "SNL" and formerly at The Onion.

WATCH: The Scouts interview Emmy-nominated actor Denis O'Hare ("American Horror Story," "True Blood," "The Proposal," "Milk")

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