Todd Bieber Finds Owner Of Missing Film From NYC Blizzard (VIDEO)

A little saga that involved one lost roll of film, two continents and thousands of strangers, has come to a fitting end.

Todd Bieber, the NYC filmmaker who back in December found a roll of film, developed it, made a video and posted it in hopes of finding the original owners, has done just that.

After the first video got over a million views, Bieber was inundated with responses from all around the world, providing input, ideas, theories, and a place to stay in their various countries. Eventually, Bieber took a little jaunt to Europe and took these people up on their offer (which he filmed).

Some have claimed the whole whimsical tale could be a hoax (after all, we've been burned before) noting that Beiber is self-described 'comedian', but being 'funny' doesn't neccessarily mean everything you do is therefore a 'hoax'. The man seems so genuinely affected by the kindness of strangers, why bother not believing him?

In the new video he makes friends all around Europe who bring Bieber and his girlfriend into their friendly European lives, and finally meets the owner of the film. She's a small French girl named Camille, whose family calls Bieber the "Boy Amelie." "We joked that if Hollywood made a movie about this," Bieber says in the video, "Camille and I would get married." He tried to convey how much picking up the film, and the ensuing adventure, had changed the filmmaker. "I kept saying, thank you for losing the film. I must have seemed insane to her."