Todd Glass On Jimmy Fallon: Since Coming Out As Gay, Comedian Has Seen Positive Support (VIDEO)

Todd Glass stopped by "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on Monday, and updated Fallon the aftermath of his very public coming out on "WTF with Marc Maron" last month. After a few minutes of riffing on the "comedian condos" that Glass used to stay in while touring, and plugging his (great) podcast "The Todd Glass Show," Fallon brought up Glass' admission that he was gay, and the response he has seen.

After describing his reasoning for wanting to come out ("How much longer could I say, 'That's my roommate, ahem'?"), Glass told Fallon that he was glad he came out, as support came from even the most unexpected sources, like friends he had not seen in years. "It was all positive," Glass said.

The comedian discussed a similar sense of welcome surprise with Sarah Silverman on his own podcast after he came out, even saying he did not expect press outlets to report on his admission positively. Listen to that show here.

To Fallon, Glass reiterated a message he emphasized on Maron's podcast, that casually comparing things to homosexuality may not seem harmful, but can have a lasting effect. "Be careful if you're saying if your mouth doesn't represent your heart, Glass said to Fallon and his audience. "Like if you use the word 'gay' [as] slang, but you really don't care."