Todd Palin Scandal: National Enquirer Alleges Shailey Tripp Affair

Todd Palin Sex Scandal? New Report

The National Enquirer is reporting that Todd Palin cheated on Sarah with a female massage therapist who was "busted for prostitution."

An anonymous e-mail tipper suggested that Todd's affair with 36-year-old massage therapist and computer technologist Shailey Tripp led to her arrest in March 2010.

"According to the tenants in the building of her offices, they saw Todd come and go often and heard noises that sounded like someone was having sex. It was the same tenants who called the police on her," the source said.

The Enquirer claims it has uncovered official documents that reveal that Tripp was arrested for maintaining a house of prostitution and that cops have confiscated evidence that could tie Todd to the alleged extramarital affair.

It's not the first time The Enquirer has alleged a Palin sex scandal. In September 2008, the paper claimed that Sarah had an affair with Todd's former business partner Brad Hanson.

That and other stories led to widely circulating divorce rumors, which were shot down by the couple in in November 2010.

The New York Daily News reports that though the Palins were quick to deny the previous cheating allegations in 2007 and 2008, they have not yet commented on the Enquirer story.

The tabloid successfully reported former presidential candidate John Edward's affair and love child with campaign staffer Rielle Hunter.

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