Todd Scott, Detroit Greenways Coordinator, Featured On Google Blog For Bike Path Mapping

Bikers looking for safe and pleasant routes around Detroit don't have to look further than Google, thanks to Todd Scott.

Scott, the Detroit Greenways coordinator for the Michigan Trails and Greenway Alliance, was recently featured on the Google blog for his use of their Map Maker tool to keep Google Maps updated with accurate bike paths and lanes.

"A lot of folks were wondering if the City of Detroit could produce a bike map, but the city does not have a lot of resources to pull that off," Scott said in the video. "We're constantly adding new trails, and so it's really easy to go in and update Google Maps, and then the whole community can benefit from that right away."

Scott has already added 45 miles of biking paths and 15 miles of trails to Google Maps, which improves biking directions, and will have plenty more to keep him busy as the increasingly cycle-friendly city adds more than 70 miles of bike lanes and trails in the next two years.

As more routes are added, it's easy to imagine the city becoming a haven for bikers. But it's already great for cyclists, Scott previously told The Huffington Post.

"It's the best city I've ridden a bike in," he said.

Watch the video above and head over to the Google blog to read more about Scott and biking Detroit.

Check out images of the early days of Detroit cycling below:

Detroit Biking History