Toddler Channels Inner Luke Skywalker In Dad's Epic 'Star Wars' Scene

"Red Five, standing by!"

Watching Luke Skywalker from “Star Wars” on TV is cool, but getting to be him is even cooler. With a bit of green screen magic, Matt Silverman made that happen for his 3-year-old daughter, Amelia.

Silverman, the dad behind the YouTube channel Free Dad Videos, posted a new video on Thursday in which “Amelia Skywalker” and her fellow pilots attack the Death Star in a recreated “Star Wars” scene.

The video came to life with the help of a green screen and includes other notable YouTube figures like Anna “Brizzy Voices” Brisbin and Brian Hull. Silverman told The Huffington Post that he filmed Amelia’s parts little by little over the course of a month.

“It became a regular ritual to ‘do some Star Wars video’ before breakfast or after dinner,” he said.

Though the toddler has never seen the movies, Silverman said she has become a fan of the franchise through this project and loves watching her dad’s video of the recreated scene. She also describes Darth Vader as “the baddest guy of all!”

You got that right, Amelia.

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