Toddler Immediately Stops Crying After Hearing Adele's 'Hello'

It's usually the opposite for us.

She's magic, y'all. 

Adele not only has the power to silence your racist family members at the Thanksgiving table, but also to quiet your inconsolable toddler in the midst of a screaming fit. 

Samantha Comte uploaded a video of her adorable son Roman, who only stopped sobbing once he caught a glimpse of Adele's record-breaking video for the single "Hello."

"Roman was having a bad day and there was only one solution," she captioned the video. Now that's some expert parenting. We're taking notes, Samantha. 

If you play this video in reverse, it perfectly demonstrates the four stages of listening to Adele's new album. Step 1: Utter disbelief. Step 2: Listening with rapt attention. Step 3: "It's like she's staring into my soul." Step 4: Full on mental breakdown.  


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