Adorable Dancing Toddler Knows Exactly When The Beat's About To Drop

"Don't believe me, just watch." 🎶

Talk about a straight masterpiece!

An adorable toddler has won over the internet after she was filmed enthusiastically moving and grooving to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” in perfect rhythm.

In a one-minute video uploaded to YouTube Saturday, little Maddie is seen gently swaying side to side in her car seat with a chill smile on her face.

“My Niece carefully listening to Uptown Funk, and then grooving to the beat drop,” Ethan Than, who uploaded the video, wrote in its description.

As Than’s description promises, once the chorus abruptly ends, the toe-tapping toddler throws her arms into the air, joining the brass section with serious passion.

Way to dance like no one’s watching, Maddie!