Toddler DJ Gets The Party Started On 'South Africa's Got Talent'

Good things really do come in small packages!

On Sunday's episode of South African TV show, "SA's Got Talent," toddler DJ Oratilwe Hlongwane, who goes by DJ Arch Jr., won over the judges with his impressive musical skills, and got a well-deserved standing ovation. 

The  3-year-old prodigy has been playing with his dad's DJ software for years. "He basically started DJing at the age of 1," his father Glen Hlongwane told the judges."That's when we discovered he had a love for music."

On his Facebook page, Hlongwane proclaims to the be the world's youngest DJ, and has over 60,000 fans. His parents have posted videos of their son in action, and, according to his father, he's even been doing parties for other kids.  

After listening to his music, judge DJ Fresh hit the golden buzzer sending Hlongwane straight to the semifinals to compete with other contestants. As the little guy waved to his fans, he didn't seem to be at all phased because that isn't a big deal or anything.

Good luck, DJ Arch Jr.!

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