Toddler Eats Heroin Substitute At Playground

"I 100 percent thought I was going to lose her."

She thought it was candy. It was almost deadly.

A toddler at a Plymouth, England, playground found a wrapper containing a heroin substitute for addicts, and popped it in her mouth thinking it was a sweet, SWNS reported.

If not for the quick action of her mother, 2-year-old Taylor Atwill might not have made it.

"I noticed a wrapper in Taylor's hand while I was attending to one of my other children," Jade Atwill, 26, told the news service. "I asked her where the tablet was and she pointed to her mouth."

According to the Mirror, the mother was able to intervene but the drug, Subutex, prescribed for heroin addicts as an alternative to methadone, was already taking effect. Taylor eventually began falling asleep, getting sick and refusing to be touched as the ambulance raced to a hospital from the minor care clinic where she was first treated.

"I was scared for her life," the mom told the tabloid. "I 100 percent thought I was going to lose her."

Strapped to a heart monitor, Taylor was treated at a hospital overnight and recovered, outlets reported.

"That will be the last time I use that park," the mother told the Plymouth Herald.

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