Toddler Reciting Shakespeare And More Babies Doing Adult Things (VIDEO)(PHOTOS)

Some toddlers learn their ABCs and 123s. Others study British lit. Or, at least this one does. In the video above, our new favorite thespian recites the whole of Shakespeare's Sonnet 18. His sister giggles (stunned perhaps) in the background, but eventually grabs her moment in the spotlight to correct her little brother who botched a line. (via Babble)

Elsewhere on the Interwebs, actor Brian Cox schools this 2-year-old in "To be or not to be?" Both videos prove the theory that it's always entertaining to see little kids doing grown-up things. And, drama isn't the only thing this sentiment holds true for...

UPDATE: This video has been removed.

Here are our favorite photos of babies doing regular adult things -- making them so, so much better: