Littlest Gentleman Rushes To Shake Hands With Military Members

We salute your sweet actions, Sawyer!

This precious toddler proves you can never be too young to show some respect for those who have served our country. 

A video recently uploaded to YouTube features a 2-year-old boy named Sawyer, running up to service members at an airport in Houston, Texas, to shake their hands. The act is just as adorable as it is powerful. 

Watch as the tot eagerly rushes to the service members, who are standing with flags in hand, and extends his hand to them like the most polite toddler in the world. 

Sawyer's mother, Jocelyn Frederick, explained to ABC News that her family was traveling with the UNC men's basketball team, as her husband is an assistant coach for the team. When they landed in Houston, they saw the service members on the tarmac. 

The tot's siblings had greeted the service members so the little guy felt compelled to follow their lead and show the members of the military some respect, Frederick told Fox and Friends. 

While the video's attracted media attention for Sawyer's sweet gesture, the 2-year-old's uncle Chris Frederick hopes others will give back to those who've served in the military. He's directed viewers to donate to charities that support veterans including the Wounded Warriors Family Support, as well as the Disabled American Veterans Charity among other groups. 



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