Toddler Tells Dad To 'Worry About Yourself' Which Is Likely Not Going To Happen (VIDEO)

If you haven't been informed, possibly in an adorable but strangely strong little voice, toddlers can DO IT THEMSELVES. Yes, they are pretty much expert at everything because they are definitely NOT A BABY anymore. So when dad Ryan Hunley tries to buckle his little girl August into her car seat, he gets what's coming to him -- and what might be a preview of the little girl's teenage years. "Worry about yourself!" she insists.

Of course Dad cracks up behind the camera, mostly because she is so dang cute, but also because he knows something about being a parent that August does not. That "not worrying" thing ... never gonna happen kid.

P.S. We hope that Ryan was finally able to belt her in correctly for all of the reasons listed here.

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