Toddler Does A Victory Dance For Thundersnow, And The Whole Thing Is Adorable

Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore pumped everyone up about thundersnow this week after he was captured on camera freaking out about the meteorological phenomenon. His enthusiasm was so infectious, in fact, that this toddler was totally swept away by his exuberance.

Dubbed “Baby Cantore” by the Weather Channel, little Kennison can be seen adorably reacting to footage of Cantore’s thundersnow-loving antics -- and she matches his enthusiasm to a T.

Kennison's parents, who live in Topeka, Kansas, told the Weather Channel their daughter “started going crazy” the first time she saw footage of Cantore’s priceless thundersnow reaction on television.

“We kept rewinding it for her time and time again, and she just loved it,” her dad, Brad Fink, said.

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