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Toddler Trapped In Washing Machine Rescued By Firefighters In China (VIDEO)

A toddler was rescued by firefighters in China after she got stuck in a washing machine.

According to the Telegraph, the 3-year-old girl and her mother had been visiting relatives in Shandong Province when the unfortunate incident occurred.

It took a group of firefighters several hours to rescue the child, who is said to have a penchant for playing in washing machines. As is evident in this Reuters video, the emergency workers had to use saws and other cutting tools to free the girl.

Fortunately, the toddler emerged from the mishap unscathed.

Last year, another child who found himself trapped in a washing machine wasn't quite so lucky. In May, Real Talk NY reported that a child suffered from minor bruising after he became stuck in an active washer.

Surveillance footage captured the child being put into the machine by an adult caretaker. The toddler was then sent spinning after the machine door was closed accidentally.

Also last year, a 1-year-old Oregon boy was tragically killed in a washing machine accident. In an April report, the Deseret News wrote that 21-month-old Ollie Hebb had drowned after getting trapped in a top-loading washer.