With 'Color,' Todrick Hall Gives Us The Song We Need This Summer

The singer offers an all-inclusive message in this "Straight Outta Oz" clip.

Singer-songwriter Todrick Hall is back with a charming new love song, and its all-inclusive message couldn’t feel more pertinent in the wake of recent tragedies

The stunning video for “Color” depicts a biracial, same-sex relationship, showing Hall canoodling amidst flowers and waterfalls with “Quantico” and Broadway actor Jay Armstrong Johnson, who also lends his vocals to the track. 

“Maybe the world will never understand our kinda love,” Hall sings. “I’d like to be the kinda man you’d like to love/We’ve got a right to love.” 

“Color” is a cut from “Straight Outta Oz,” Hall’s 17-song, Beyoncé-style “visual album,” which was released June 23. The video itself features a subtle nod to “The Wizard of Oz” in that it gradually shifts from black and white to color as the music swells, much like the classic 1939 film. 

“I wanted to create something to make people think about life and look at life through a different set of glasses ― some that aren’t so rose-colored,” Hall told Out magazine July 7. Like Dorothy Gale in “The Wizard of Oz,” the YouTube sensation said, “I always wanted to find a place that was more colorful, more accepting.”

In addition to Johnson, “Straight Outta Oz” features appearances by “Glee” star Amber Riley, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” champion Bob the Drag Queen, “American Idol” veteran Jordin Sparks and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, among others. The visual album itself has over 1.3 million YouTube views

Bravo, Hall, for giving us a shot of optimism when we really needed it. 



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