Todrick Hall Wants To Be 'A Beacon' For LGBT Youth

Now that he's being recognized in music and on television, Todrick Hall wants to be "a beacon" for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) kids as well as other disenfranchised youth. 

Currently starring in the MTV docuseries, "Todrick," the out entertainer stressed the need for "shows where there are lead characters who are gay, and the fact that they are gay is not the whole concept around the show" in an interview with GLAAD

The 30-year-old hopes his own series will give him a greater opportunity to be a role model. 

"Now I've devoted my life to making sure that I can be a trailblazer for any other African American kids or any other gay kids or any other kids that just feel weird or uncomfortable and have their own issues and don't know how to express themselves," he said. "I want to be like a beacon for those kids now."

"Todrick," he said, is unique as a reality series in that it focuses on "people who are talented" and aspire to "live the American dream" rather than canned drama.   

Cheers to your success, Todrick! 

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