'Toe-Besity': Toe-Slimming Cosmetic Surgery On The Rise

Drastic cosmetic surgery has been around for some time. Now, America's obsession with beauty has reached a new level, with surgery for toe slimming on the rise, ABC News reports.

The reconstructive surgery aims to tackle a condition at least one doctor calls "toebesity," the Daily Mail notes.

Dr. Oliver Zong, director of NYC FootCare, told ABC News that a growing number of people are beginning to turn their attention to the smaller details of their feet.

According to the NYC FootCare website, Zong's office offers everything from "toe tucks," shaving down of the pinky toe; the "toe slimming," which slims the tips of toes where fatty deposits may reside; and "toe shortening," which shortens the second toe if it's longer than the big toe.

"When people first started asking, I said 'What?'" Zong told ABC News. "We were mostly doing toe shortenings in the beginning."

The $45 million industry is big business for specialists like Dr. Zong who can charge up to $15,000 for foot surgery at his practice near Wall Street, CNBC reports.

But as with any surgery, there are risks. According to ABC News, some possible complications include permanent nerve damage, infection, scarring, and pedal deformity.