BIG STINK Over Toilet Themed Cafe


Bet you never thought you'd ever eat something out of a toilet bowl, let alone want to.

But this "Crazy Toilet" cafe in Russia will flush away your doubts. The eatery, which opened last month, has taken the doo-doo decor to a new level.  

Instead of seats, patrons sit on toilets and eat out of toilet-shaped dishes, according to the Guardian. Feces-themed cartoon decals are splashed across the walls, and poop emoji pillows adorn each toilet seat.

After all, there's nothing like a real porcelain throne to make your date feel like a queen.

The restaurant's menu also boasts distinctly fecal fare -- the "Crazy" three-course lunch menu features a creamy brown mushroom soup, a swirled sausage atop a pile of steaming mashed potatoes, and a bowl of whipped chocolate ice cream to cleanse the bowels. 

Believe it or not, this isn't the first restroom-aurant. The Magic Restroom Cafe opened up in LA in 2013 and serves a steaming load of lavatory-themed cuisines.

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