Toilet Paper Dresses: Winner Announced In Annual Wedding Dress-Making Contest (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: This Spectacular Gown Is Made From What?!

Your husband-to-be should think you look gorgeous wearing a paper bag.

But what about toilet paper?

Cheap Chic Weddings has announced the winner of its annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. Susan Brennan of Lake Orchard, Michigan, the 2011 winner, claimed the top prize again on Wednesday and received an award totaling $2,012 for her design.

The contest had more than 700 entries this year, and its sponsor, Charmin, provided coupons to entrants to help cover the cost of the paper.

The rules dictate that participants may only use Charmin toilet paper, glue, and needle and thread to complete their designs. The gowns need to be worn by real people and those modeling the dresses have to be able to take them off and on like they would a real wedding gown.

Click through the slideshow below to see this year's toilet paper dress entries and the winning design.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses 2012

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