Home Invasion Suspect's Bizarre TP Mugshot Will Leave You Flushed

Looks like she warmed to the idea of police custody.

Being arrested is a crappy experience, but that’s not why a woman in New Hampshire asked for toilet paper before authorities snapped her booking photo.

Melissa Natal was accused of masterminding a violent home invasion early Friday involving a paralyzed woman and children. Natal, 35, and her alleged accomplices, Juan Flores, 25; and Bryan Martinez, 24; were charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and burglary, according to WMUR-TV.

Natal apparently found the police holding cell cold ― so much so that she wrapped herself in toilet paper for warmth, according to the Manchester Union-Leader.

That led to a very sheety mug shot.

Flores also found the holding cell chilly. He posed for his booking photo with his arms inside his shirt. Martinez didn’t do anything special to ward off the chill in the cooler.

Police said the three suspects broke into the Franklin home of Lynn Hollins, who is paralyzed from the chest down, around 3 a.m. They were armed with a baseball bat and a gun, and were looking for money, according to the Concord Monitor. 

Martinez jumped onto Hollins and tried to duct-tape her mouth shut, authorities said. 

“He jumped over me, ripped my shirt off and ripped my pants right off and then got on top of me and just said, ‘Do you have any money?’ and tried to take my ring,” Hollins told WMUR-TV. “I wasn’t going to let it go. I was like, ‘No! Get off me!’”

Hollins’ roommates heard the commotion and they tried to stop the attackers. One of the roommates was punched “about a dozen times in the back of the head,” according to court documents.

Flores pointed a gun at three of Hollins’ four children, according to the Concord Monitor. Martinez grabbed money hidden in the home’s bar.

The suspects piled into a vehicle and fled just as officers arrived, according to They were arrested a short time later.

The trio were arraigned later Friday.

Prosecutors alleged that Natal knew Hollins and persuaded her accomplices to commit the robbery, according to She has been arrested numerous times since 2001, according to jail records.

Natal and Martinez were being held on $25,000 bail at the the Merrimack County Jail; Flores was held on $20,000 bail.



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