Roger Pinkham, Accused Of Stealing Toilet Paper From Lawrence, Ma. City Hall

Man Accused Of Stealing Toilet Paper — And His Brother's Identiy

Oh brother! A man allegedly stole a case of toilet paper from city hall in Lawrence, Mass. and then blamed his brother for the dirty deed, authorities said.

Police locked up Roger Pinkham on Thursday after he allegedly nicked 20 rolls of bathroom tissue from city hall where he worked. But when cops questioned him, Pinkham tried to keep himself clean by telling them his first name was David.

The bogus name slipped past the police and into the newspapers where it was read by the real David Pinkham — Roger's brother — who informed cops that his sibling pulled a fast one on them.

While in custody, Pinkham admitted to stealing office supplies on several occasions and he "pulled six tightly folded toilet paper rolls from his buttocks and groin area," according to the Associated Press.


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