Innovative Woman Uses Toilet Plunger On Tokyo Subway In Hilarious (Or Gross) Lifehack

Hilarious Toilet Plunger Stunt Turns Heads On Subway

We can't decide if this picture is super awesome or super concerning; it all hinges on where that plunger's previously been.

This viral picture of a woman apparently using a toilet plunger to keep her balance on a Tokyo subway car is either a brilliant lifehack or a rather disgusting display of laziness. According to Rocket News 24, reaction to the straphanger on Japanese social media has been mixed, with some applauding her innovation and others worrying about what she might be transferring to the ceiling.

However, Gothamist, a New York blog that has seen its share of poop on subways, writes that perhaps "we can all learn something from this young woman, who re-contextualized her toilet plunger and put it to far better use in a Tokyo subway car."

For now, we'll just file this photo away with pictures of this woman chopping an onion on the subway and this man sitting in a La-Z-Boy.

Happy commuting, everybody.


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