Florida Mom Drove With Son On Hood Of Car, Police Say

A Florida mom took a wrong turn with the law when she allegedly drove off with her teenage son on the front hood of her car.

Police say that Tojuana Lowe was driving approximately 25 mph on State Road 434 when they spotted her driving with her son by the windshield around 7:30 a.m., Wednesday, according to WKMG.

Lowe offered officers an explanation when they caught her in her black Mazda around the corner from a police station.

According to WESH:

Once Lowe was pulled over, she told the officer her son had jumped onto her car to keep her from leaving.

She told investigators that she drove off thinking he'd jump off. Lowe allegedly said she just wanted to scare him.

State Road 434 is considered "one of Seminole County’s busiest roads with 22,000 drivers a day," WFTV reports.

Lowe was arrested and placed in Seminole County jail. She is facing child abuse charges.